Crystal Hudson Photography | About

I view photography as something much more than just snapping photos. It's more than the right pose, the best lenses, or the right outfits. It's also much more to me than just getting to be creative, or becoming amazing at my craft, although those are very important aspects. Personally, the art of taking portraits is a honor. It is a privilege. It is the chance to capture a memory, a moment that won't ever happen again. It's all of these things that made me fall in love with photography, and that keeps me inspired daily to continue. 


I'm Crystal. I am first and foremost a Christian, and my faith plays an integral part in my life. I view my business as a way to glorify the Lord and to invest in the lives of the people around me, bettering my community. I am passionate about excellence (I may be a bit of a perfectionist!), which means I value crisp images, quality customer service, and being a servant-minded person. I started my foray into photography as a way to build up and invest in the young people in my church, and it grew into a true ministry and career. I feel very blessed to be able to love people in a tangible way through photography. 


Besides working hard at honing my craft, I also take my personal life very seriously, and adore being a wife and mom. My husband has been a Chaplain in the United States Army for sixteen years, and together, we are parents to our five sweet children. Some of my favorite days include being with my family, and serving at our local church. I am eager to meet every client who come to me for portraits, and hope they leave feeling valued, cared about, and seeing the best version of themselves. I can't wait to meet YOU!